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    Packing: disposable steel cylinder 13.6kg/bottle   recycled steel cylinder 400L-1000L  ISO TANK
    Physical properties  
    Molecular formula   (CH3) 2CHCH3
    Molecular weight  58.12
    Boiling point (℃) -0.5
    Freezing point (℃) -138.5
    Liquid density  30℃(kg/m3) 560
    Critical temperature (℃) 152
    Critical pressure (MPa) 3.8
    ODPODP 0
    GWPGWP 0
    Quality standard  
    Purity, ≥99.8%
    Moisture ≤0.001%
    Acidity ≤0.00001%
    Residue on evaporation ≤0.01%
    Chloride (Cl-) test -
    Appearance  Odorless and clear
    Odor No odor
    Main uses R600a can be used as aerosol. It can be used in refrigerator and other small subzero refrigeration equipment as refrigerant to replace R12 and R134a refrigerants. It is mainly used as ultra-cold refrigerant. The refrigerating system formed with R22 can be used in ultra-cold refrigerating plant at -80~-120℃. Moreover, it can also be used as foaming agent for foamed plastic.
    Refrigerating machine oil R600a is compatible with original system and lubricating oil.
    Packing disposable steel cylinder 13.6kg/bottle.
    Hazardous characteristics  
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