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    Physical properties  
    Molecular formula H2CL2
    Molecular weight 84.93
    Boiling point (℃) 40.2
    Freezing point (℃) -97
    Liquid density 30℃(kg/m3) 1336
    Critical temperature (℃) 237
    Critical pressure (MPa) 6.08
    ODP ODP 0
    GWP GWP  
    Quality standard  
    Purity ≧99.99%
    Moisture ≦0.008%
    Acidity ≦0.0004%
    Residue on evaporation ≦0.0005%
    Chloride (Cl-) test -
    Appearance Colorless and clear
    Odor no odor
    Main uses As solvent for coating, PU foaming agent, mould release agent, paint remover, etc.
    Storage and transportation Dichloromethane is packed by galvanized iron drum, black iron drum or tank car. Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Complies with relevant regulations on storage and transportation dangerous goods. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Separate from edible chemicals and metal powder.
    Packing 200L iron drum (250kg/drum).
    Elimination time  
    Safety measures  
    Health hazard  
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